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Carlson Bridge® "Winged Pontic" Kit

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As an avid champion of the principle “first do no harm” in dental or medical treatment promulgated by Hippocrates long ago, I have for twenty two years researched the procedures required for the replacement of missing teeth, or dead and decaying teeth, abscessing root canal teeth, or the frequently failing “modern dental implants,” ultimately to be removed.

People, generally, are in a quandary as to what path to take, root canal therapy for their infected tooth or extraction, traditional tooth cutting fixed bridgework to replace a missing tooth, removable plates for missing teeth, or implant placement for a missing tooth/teeth. Most people, dental doctors included, are unaware of the simple, safe, effective, durable, and efficient alternative of the Carlson Bridge®“Winged Pontic” replacement system.

Our system uses space age composites of exceptionally high strengths, durability and beauty for the construction of the “prefabricated pontic” (space replacing prefab tooth). All your dentist has to do is contour the “prefab pontic” to fit the space where your missing tooth is located, surface prepare the teeth that will hold the pontic and the pontic itself with certain attachment adhesives, adhere the pontic to those teeth with the fusing blue light, and spend a short amount of time artistically shaping, shading, and contouring and characterizing your new bridge. This is done in one appointment at the fraction of the cost of other procedures. We encourage pioneering people to bring this to the attention of their dental doctors. We encourage you to do this gently and humbly since egos are involved and often by one’s eagerness to share something with the doctor, for whom the doctor may be unaware, egos get bruised and occasionally fractured.

The Carlson Bridge®“Winged Pontic” Kit is available from SYNTRORESEARCH, INC. at 808‐955‐6064; or, can be ordered directly through Dr. Carlson at for your dentist and sent to him directly. Your dentist, if open and willing to experiment with you, may accomplish what you wish for your good health. He can become part of our growing network of minimally invasive dental practitioners worldwide. Help him or her out, give your doctor this article and encourage your dentist to Google Carlson Bridge.

Are we being too bold? Perhaps! But what is your health worth to you, and what contribution may you make to your dentist, who is human also, that would prevent you from sharing this breakthrough?

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